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Introducing a more evolved travel magazine for conscious explorers.

Let’s face it, the old tourism paradigm just doesn’t cut it anymore for those on a more spiritual and conscious path. While classic tourist destinations such as Disneyland and snapping selfies on top of the Empire State Building are enjoyable for some, they’re not satisfying to the spiritually-minded conscious traveller who yearns for more meaningful and transformative journeys.

Discover the most inspiring and transformative destinations on earth.

Conscious Traveller’s mission is to satisfy your thirst for the most exciting, mind-expanding and spiritually nourishing travel possibilities, whether you choose to trip-out at home or seek enlightenment by putting one foot in front of the other. We scour the globe for the most exciting, enlightening and consciousness raising destinations that dissolve seemingly impenetrable boundaries and accelerate your spiritual growth.

The Conscious Traveller’s journey is equally as important as the destination.

Whether your idea of conscious travel is chanting with monks in Tibet, visiting Stonehenge during the solstice, meditating in Indian ashrams, exploring other realities with DMT, going on plant medicine retreats, using your voice or creativity to transform, practicing yoga in Greece, walking the Camino, touring the most amazing labyrinths, or studying crop circles in England….. Conscious Traveller magazine will make sure you get there.

And as we become more conscious…

We also care more about our planet and all our fellow travellers around the world whether they’re two legged, four legged, fish tailed, feathered or rooted deep within the earth. We’ll share conscious tips to travel lightly, the coolest conscious places to eat, great itineraries as well as enlightening articles to provoke those deep and meaningful conversations.

Come and join us.

It is the most beautifully designed magazine – should be in the back of every seat pocket on planes – Richard Branson would love it

Tom Evans

spiritual author, UK

An awe-inspiring spiritual stirring of the travel juices…you can’t help but want to book your next trip now.

Amanda Hart

author of The Guys Upstairs, UK

I have to send my love to the Concious Travel Magazine Team, I loved the Peru issue, breathtaking photography and told from a fun and fresh perspective. Can’t wait for the next issue!

Francesca Compaan, South Africa

Wonderful, just read some of the articles. Loved it. Please, more on the beloved White Lions of Timbavati

Atimati, Portugal


Elena Blasio, Italy

What’s in Conscious Traveller Magazine?

Taking you on adventures to the most transformational destinations and exploring the most unique experiences. Each issue of Conscious Traveller Magazine features articles, interviews, guides and inspirational stories on subjects, including:

Ancient sites and hidden wisdom

Places of natural power

Ayahausca & sacred plant teachers

Itineraries to remarkable places

Interviews with extraordinary minds

Transformational journeys

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Conscious Traveller will take you on the most transformational destinations and unique experiences in the world without ever leaving your living room.

Current Issues

Issue 1

Our premiere issue highlights the magical country of Peru, currently one of the world’s most popular destinations for conscious travellers. You’ll learn about the ancient site, Machu Picchu, the transformative and healing power of two of the most powerful plants, Ayahuasca and San Pedro, and we interview renowned Ayahuasca expert, Dennis McKenna. Those are just a few of the mind-expanding articles you’ll receive for FREE in the thrilling premiere issue.

Issue 2

Our exciting new issue takes you to glorious South Africa for a shamanic approach to exploring her best kept secrets and most powerful sacred vortices. You’ll also have the unique opportunity to follow the exact footsteps of Nelson Mandela in his “Walk to Freedom” Itinerary, and learn his spiritual journey from struggle to salvation.  Next, Freddy Silva shares the hidden messages encoded in ancient sites, which allow us to become sorcerers in the true meaning of the world. Did you know Mahatma Gandhi achieved enlightenment under a tree? Michael Dunning shares his incredible nine year “mystery school” experience under the branches of the ‘God’ tree. Have you been curious about the transformative power of psilocybin mushrooms? International rugby player turned psychologist and life coach, Ferdinand Richter, shares his amazing initiation with these magical shrooms.  And you’ll discover the seven chakras of the world, which are considered the most powerful places on the planet.

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-Mark Twain